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    School Memories

    On August 12th 2012, Barlows Primary School was 100 years old.  We would like to hear from anyone who has any stories or memories from their time at Barlows.

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    21 Responses to “School Memories”

    1. sian Says:


    2. Francesca,Lauren and Abbie Says:

      We are missing Barlows so much and our so grateful for everything its done for us! We are missing all of the teachers and the pupils from our class. We have had so many memories and remember both the old and new school! Hope everybody’s ok! Lots of love xxx

    3. marijke webster was burns Says:

      my fondest memories of barlows lane was a wonderful teacher mr varley and first introduced me into reading the SECRET SEVEN books great stories the years there for me would be about 1958 to 1963 anyone remember those years

    4. hayley parry Says:

      its my last day on 22nd june and im going to miss everybody

    5. alex smith Says:

      my first school that was cool  :)

    6. marijke webster Says:

      i went to barlows lane school from 1958 to 1964 approx good memories but not when running across yard to toilet in freezing cold! Mr Varley a favourite teacher any photos i have a class one but dont know how to put on.

    7. tony martin Says:

      Bought magazine on carnival day. just opened it and was surprised to see my photograph in Miss Climo’s class of 1958. Brought back a lot of happy memories managed to remember lots of names of my classmates, but not all. We re all OAP’s now! Remember Mr Morgan and Mr Gibson as well as the lovely Miss Climo
      There was a long jump sandpit behind the dinner centre as I remember my friend George Hughes holding the record for ages. Still live in Fazakerley. happy days indeed And no, I was never hit with a ruler! 

    8. Susan Potter Says:

      I attended the school in the 80s.  I remember being in the old tin roof school before it was knocked down and replaced by the “new” nursery and infant building with the sunken sandpit and raised play area in the nursery.  That building now gone and yet another new one built.  Have many happy memories of my time there, all the teacher I imagine now retired or left.

    9. Roy WInstanley Says:

      I attended Barlows from approx 1963 until 1967. Mostly happy memories of Barlows. Mr Varley,or Pop Varley (nickname) a real nice man. I did actually bump into him approx 20 yrs ago in Moorfields Station, he’d hardly changed from the time I attended the school…a real gentleman, who I believe passed away some yrs ago. The Head was a Mr Morgan, he too was a nice man. I remember the old dinner centre too near the sports field and the air raid shelters. One memory that I do recall with some sadness was one pupil during playtime would just stand in the door, I spoke to him on the odd occasion (no idea of his name) sadly it turned out this boy was very ill and he passed away soon afterwards aged only 8 or 9.

    10. Patrick Caveney Says:

      The best memories I have of barlows are when it was being rebuilt into the new building that is there now and we had to be taught in portacabins. I then left in year 4 to live in Yorkshire, I’m now in year 11 and missing the easy times of ks2!

    11. Sophie Blair Says:

      My best memories were y5 and y6 best times of my life! Miss all the teachers and the school sooo much wanna come back high school just doesnt compare to primary. so special. Hope to be seeing you all soon!!

    12. Abbie W Says:

      came here in 2004, loved it every year xxx all the teachers and the pupils !!!! can’t wait to see you again xxxxx

    13. samantha taylor Says:

      I Remember I started barlows in 2008 in Year 5 and was only there until end of Year 6 until I moved on to now being in Fazakerley High. Barlows made me feel at home I made lots of friends and some still talk to today x

    14. Susan Jones Says:

      I attended Barlows Primary between 1950 and 1957.  I remember the old infant block with gas lighting and open fires plus outside toilets.  The head was Miss Stinson, very smart with underclothes made from parachute silk.  Each year we had a carnival with a Queen of the day. , we all dressed up in themed clothes.  In the Juniors I was in Miss Climo’s class (top class) and Mr Morgan was head teacher.
      I have some photos from that time.

    15. Abbey&Jade Bird Says:

      We’re both missing Barlows loads and wish we could come back but enjoying high school with all our friends can’t wait to see you all again xxxxxx

    16. ali,sian Says:

      Barlows is a brilliant school. I have some amazing memories from here, I loved it so much and it gave me a head start in life and I dont think they could do any better :)

    17. Barry jones Says:

      I remember going to the tin school when I was five also remember Pop Varley what a legend ,old sports field by the dinner hut , my mate Peter Lloyd breaking his arm, ambulance came and got him. The old air raid shelters what a lovely school great times.

    18. Mary Bonnell Says:

      My husband, Eddie Bonnell, went to Barlows Lane School in the 1950′s. He remembers the processions and carnivals. He says that there were films made of these occasions and wonders if anyone knows what happened to them. He would love to see them. He has one photograph of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. His sister, Norma, was Snow White and he was a very tall dwarf!

    19. Stephen Wolstenholme Says:

      Happy memories of late Fifties/early Sixties here, including Miss Beesley, Miss Arlott, Mr Varley and Mr Morgan. Swimming at the Cottage Homes. Sports at Sherwood Avenue. Religious service on the radio. Air raid shelters. The sandpit. etc.Please contact me if anyone knows where Rachel Smith (nee) is now. Thanks.


      Very happy memories
      Mr Morgan
      Miss Perston
      Mr Varley
      Mr Coleman
      Miss Evans
      Miss Griffiths
      Miss Beesley
      Mrs Moss
      Miss Hardman
      Mrs Neverson
      Very happy memories, of both infants and juniors, got the cane from Mr Coleman, and had to bend over, Pop Varley used to hit you on the hand with a ruler.

    21. Kate Emmett Says:

      I’m missing Barlows so much wish I could come back :( I loved every minute thanks everyone xxxxx

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